Building Blockchain Apps

by Michael Juntao Yuan

Published by Addison-Wesley, an imprint of Pearson Education

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Interactive examples from the book

Select a public blockchain to develop and deploy your application

Second State

  • Great for new developers
  • Gas free
  • 1s confirmation time
  • No need to deal with any cryptocurrency or wallet

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  • Ethereum compatible
  • 10s confirmation
  • Rules engine
  • Gas free operations for users

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Ethereum Classic

  • The original Ethereum blockchain
  • Store of value tokens
  • fast confirmation
  • low gas costs.

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The source code

# Title Action
Chapter 03 Your First Blockchain App code
Chapter 04 Ethereum: Getting Started code
Chapter 05 Ethereum: Concepts and Tools code
Chapter 06 Ethereum: Smart Contracts code
Chapter 11 Smart Contract Search Engine code
Chapter 16 Example Dapps code
Chapter 17 Business Rules and Contracts code
Chapter 18 Building an Application-Specific EVM code
Chapter 20 Tendermint: The Business Logic code
Chapter 21 Tendermint: Creating a Blockchain Client code

Watch a tutorial on how to use the BUIDL web IDE to develop and deploy complete dapps (decentralized apps) on blockchains. No software download or installed is needed. Code and deploy from any web browser (yes, even browsers on mobile devices).